Z Nation Season 1 DVD Boxset


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      Z Nation dvd season 1 Z Nation box set season 1

      Z Nation Season 1 DVD  

      Leading Role: Kellita Smith,DJ Qualls,Michael Welch,Keith Allan,Anastasia Baranova,Russell Hodgkinson,Pisay Pao,Nat Zang
      Created by: Karl Schaefer,Craig Engler
      Genre: Drama,Action, horror, black comedy
      TV Series Release Date: 2014
      Aspect Ratio: 1.78 : 1
      Sound Mix: Stereo
      Language: English with removable subtitles
      Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
      Boxed Set: Season 1
      Discs: coming soon
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      Summary of Z Nation Season 1 DVD

      Hammond and Murphy make their way to Camp Blue Sky en route to a high school in Sleepy Hollow, New York, where they expect to be airlifted to Mt. Wilson Laboratory in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Citizen Z is the sole occupant of an NSA outpost in the Arctic after the rest of the crew is killed during a botched evacuation. Hammond and Murphy link up with several other survivors after Blue Sky is overrun. The high school is abandoned, and the only survivors appear to be a baby and a mysterious stranger, Cassandra. The baby unexpectly turns into a zombie and kills Hammond. The group then encounters another mysterious survivor, later revealed to be 10K.
    Z Nation Season 1 DVD Boxset